When boys pick their own pseudonyms

Blog post number 1..and go! The idea of starting a blog to document and share my experiences of living with my fiance came to me on Monday. I moved into the condo two days before that. So obviously that took long.

But anyway, I decided that I should clean the kitchen and organize the cupboards and pantry before I even bother trying to cram all of my crap in there. And then it hit me.

I always realized my fiance was a messy person, if allowed to be. But never-never had I ever thought boys were this gross. But alas, this story is lengthy enough for its own post so you will just have to deal with the cliff hanger and wait until the next time.

Once I had set my mind to the fact that this story would make for a rocking blog post, I decided, “Hey! You’ve been reading all of those super funny mommy blogs (even though you’re not a mommy!) lately. You can TOTALLY do one too. Only it will be more awesome and about you moving in and living with your fiance. People will love it. Especially since your only sister and soon to be sister-in-law typed a lot of “lol”s and “hahaha”s in their reply texts about the events that occurred on the aforementioned Monday. If they professed their dying laughter to you via text, that 100% means the world will think your story is the bees knees.”

And so then that left me with the thought of, “Ew, but I don’t want random people to know too much personal information about me. I mean, I just got my teachers license. The last thing I need is for someone in the future to not like what I wrote. Plus, I need the fiance’s “OK” about the fact that I want to write about us”. So I asked him what he thought and if he would be okay with it, and he replied with a big ‘ol, “I don’t care.” And then the conversation went as follows:

Me: What do you want your nickname to be?
Him: Uhm, I don’t know.
Me: Hmmmmm.
Him: Ya.
Me: Well, think of something.
Him: Right now?
Me: If you can.
Him: Uhm, I don’t know. I’ll give you one tomorrow?

Typical. So today I asked him what he wanted his nickname to be…

Me: Question
Him: Yes?
Me: What’s your nickname going to be?
Him: Uhm, I don’t know. I’m not good at coming up with nicknames.
Me: Ugh
Him: You can call me…uhm…Brutus?

Fiance as Brutus?

Yes, Brutus. As in Brutus Buckeye, THE Ohio State University mascot. Which is where we both went to undergrad and where I also got my Masters degree.

Needless to say, I will be accepting suggestions for his pseudonym. Also, go Bucks!

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  1. Boy’s never stop being gross. Marriage possibly makes them worse. You can bug them about it and they might clean up their act for a few days…but it never lasts.Of course, I’m a messy person too…so really I’m throwing stones inside my messy glass house!

    – Lena

  2. boys really are gross. always check the toilet seat before you sit down in the middle of the night, lest your get your behind wet because it’s dark!! 🙂 not that i’ve ever had that happen before. nope. not me

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