He Makes Breakfast!

I originally had 2 substitute teaching job interviews on Thursday. But, alas, the first one (the phone one) got moved back to Monday. The one in the afternoon went really well and it went how I thought it would. Basically since I’m not a crazy person, it will just take a week to get my information processed and I should be getting an e-mail letting me know that I got the job.


Fiance was really sweet that entire morning. He woke me up with the lovely news that he had made me breakfast and it was waiting for me in the kitchen.

Of course this made me happy. I am NOT a morning person (wrong career path, much? I think so!). And he used to make me breakfast all of the time when I would stay over in college (I was never one to live at his place 24/7. I figured we had the rest of our lives to live together).

So I forced myself out of the comforts of our warm bed and sauntered into the kitchen to find this on the counter:

He had made muffins, his go to and easy breakfast. That are also very yummy. But this smiley face cuteness was a first. I will admit, it did help start my day off nice and with a smile.

Now only to train him to know to make me a cup of coffee with it…. 😉

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  1. I’m glad you finally have a change of pace and a smiley-faced plate! I often find it refreshing to learn that men still cook for their ladies. Take it slowly with the coffee now, you don’t want to spook him!

  2. Yes, it was very cute. And not to downplay his muffins, but they were just from a box. Which is why I think he likes to make them for me. He doesn’t trust his cooking skills but he can still be sweet with a yummy outcome.

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