Mmm, bacon!

We had the delicious brinner last night, which is the formal term for breakfast for dinner (as stolen from Scrubs). I cooked up an entire package of bacon and made us some eggies in a basket. I love bacon and so does the Fiancé, so I knew if I cooked the entire package (a little under 1lb) it wouldn’t last very long.

While cooking said eggies in a basket I reaffirmed my belief that I cannot cook, to save my life, in Cleveland. The yolk somehow broke while I was pouring it into the pan. This never happens to me, so of course it happens in Cleveland. Thankfully Fiancé isn’t picky and he didn’t care.

I somehow managed to get him to wash the pans, which made me feel like I was in Heaven. While sitting on the couch I started to think about what I could use the bacon for tomorrow. I decided to go ahead and make a BLT with my leftover avocado. Which the avocado, by the way, takes a BLT to whole other level of deliciousness.

And then I had an, “O crap!” moment and realized that I never put the bacon into a ziploc bag and in the refrigerator. Oops! So I quickly walked into the kitchen to find the plate that I had put the bacon on and to package it up.

Now, the amount of bacon that I had cooked was about two plates worth when it was all laid out. I, naturally, put a paper towel in between two layers of bacon as to only dirty one plate. I also only ate 4 pieces of bacon, which I would say was about one half of a plates worth.

I walked into the kitchen to find only 3 pieces of bacon left. The third piece was a small one too. This is when I then went out to the living room and yelled at him for eating all of the bacon since I was going to use it for my lunch tomorrow, and I also said, “You’re not allowed to eat anymore of this bacon!” He did a sad face, like all of his hopes and dreams had been crushed, and I walked back into the kitchen being sad that I only got 3 pieces for the next day.

I am currently looking for a mind reading class, so that he will no longer eat all of my bacon. I also found out, this morning, that there was an upside to not having a vent in the kitchen (I know, crazy, right?!). The condo still had a bacon sent to it!

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    • I know! At the grocery store we walked past the bacon and he was like, “Do you need any bacon?” I said, “No, but if you want some you can get some.” Of course he didn’t. I think he is just too lazy to cook it haha.

  1. This, sadly, will most likely never stop. Unless you specifically mark out what you want saved, or make sure to get/make extra extra for the snacking cause. Or hide things.

    With my hubby it’s mostly cheese. Whenever I buy cheese for anything (especially sliced) I have to buy an extra brick (the chunks not already cut up) and place it in plain view. He has learned that this brick is for his snacking and any other cheese he may find is off limits. I got so tired of going to make a sandwich or a dish and finding all my cheese eaten!

    This also goes for hot dogs. For some reason he eats the hot dogs. But doesn’t bother with a bun. So then I’m left with 4 or 5 buns…and nothing to put in them.

    Boys. They’re ridiculous.

    Mmmm…eggies in a basket! I need to do brinner sometime soon. YUM!

    • Typically he is pretty good about not eating my things and I really should have told him. I know he can’t read my mind, but still haha. This is also a bad thing though, as Fiance will not realize what I have gotten at the store and doesn’t dig in the fridge or the pantry. For example, tonight. I said we could have potatoes with our dinner and he was totally clueless that we had potatoes. In fact, that we even had a giant sack of them in the pantry. The pantry that he opens every day.

      But I would totally be him with the buns. I, more often than not, eat hotdogs without a bun and with ketchup. As for the cheese, I feel ya!

  2. Hahaha, this is such a guy thing. I have resorted to hiding some things in order to keep Mike from eating them. I made cookies once, and went to take some for my lunch 2 days later…. Gone. 3 dozen cookies in less than 2 days! And when we buy things like ice cream (one flavour for him and one for me) his entire tub is gone in 2 nights, and then he’s asking if he can eat my flavour! “No! That’s mine!” “But you take so long to eat it and I want ice cream!” “Well then maybe you shouldn’t have eaten your whole tub in two nights, and saved some like I do” “But I wanted to….” GaH!!!

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