There are 5 minutes left in the day! And I have decided, thanks to gwen, that I am going to do NaBloPoMo!! Say what?! I know.

Now, I can say this-some posts might stray a bit from my original bloggin theme. This is something that I have been struggling with lately. I will sometimes have ideas on what I would like to blog about but I feel like I can’t, because it doesn’t involve the Fiancé or us living together.

But what if I pinkie swear that it will still be about my life and, for the most part, amusing? My life can often be rather amusing, actually.

So, this is me cheating with my first post and making it my shortest one yet. Hopefully this NaBloPoMo doesn’t turn into a train wreck.

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  1. You’re lucky that you’re in the US — make sure you signed up on the blogher site with the NaBloPoMo form to get your blog on their blogroll so you’ll be eligible for some prizes 🙂

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