Baking With Beth

I was going to write this yesterday, but gwen had to go and be all awesome on me. So instead, you get this post today.

My sister e-mailed me a link about a month ago for Vegan Chocolate-Avacado cupcakes. I’ve wanted to make these ever since she sent it to me but, I either always forgot or didn’t have time. Well, the time finally came two days ago when I decided that I was going to make these suckers. Regardless of the yummy outcome, the beginning was basically shouting at me to not make them. The way that it started, I expected to fail in every way possible.

So here we go, an amateur cook’s adventure in baking. Hopefully the pictures assist in the explanation.

I always start off collecting almost all of my ingredients, so that I am not running around trying to find what I need. Issue #1: “WHERE ARE MY CUPCAKE PANS?!?!” I think I shouted this to Fiancé about 10 times within 5 minutes. I LITERALLY looked EVERYWHERE, and still I never found them. Every cabinet, every box that is still unpacked, and even the empty boxes that I have not broken down yet. I have two, one that holds 12 and another that holds 6. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper because I was forced to use this:


It’s Fiancé’s rubbery cupcake pan. I strongly dislike it.


Once I got over that hiccup, I moved to the next step. All of the dry ingredients into one bowl and whisk. Easy.


O look, all blended evenly and looking pretty!

And then this is where life hated me again. The recipe calls for you to put an avocado in a food processor, but sadly I do not have one yet. This is something I am holding out for, for the wedding registry. So, I had to hand mash this sucker.


First I tried the back of a spoon. All that did was cause the avocado to slide around.


I was forced to then use a fork. Not even the 28-day boot camp, that I have been doing, has given my arm this good of a workout! I then used the back of a spoon again to attempt and make it all even. Which sort of worked.


And then I had to add the cup of maple syrup and I wanted to vomit. It looked disgusting and this picture does not do it justice.


After adding all of the wet ingredients I was super close to actually vomiting. The smell of the vanilla extract and the appearance of it all was the WORST!


Thankfully, this didn’t last long because it called for me to pour the wet ingredients in with the dry. In my left hand, I slowed poured the wet ingredients into the center of the dry ingredients bowl. In my right hand, I whisked the two together, gradually bringing more of the dry ingredients into the mix. At this point it started to smell awesome and I wanted to eat it. The nice part is, it is safe for you (or child/significant other) to dip your finger into the mix because there is no raw egg!


I sadly poured the mix into the cupcake pan, that only held half of the mix (and therefore meant I had to do this again), and put it into the oven.


Out came the first 6 cupcakes. Some had some white spots on them, I can only assume it was exposed avocado? I really have no idea.


I have a confession to make. I didn’t make the yucky tofu icing, I used store bought. I then proceeded to laugh at the exactness of “stir 20 times” and rebelled, as I stirred it 21 times. That alone probably ruined my cupcakes.


I guess I just hadn’t frosted anything in awhile, because this was way more difficult than it should have been. It seemed to take forever and the saying “practice makes perfect” is a lie, because I do believe they got worse as I went. But, using my start photography skills the worst ones are in the back and the bad sides are turned away from my cell phone camera.

I also have another confession. If you are a vegan then please do not come eat my cupcakes. I didn’t have soy milk so I just used my 2% cows milk. Oops?

As much as I can say they are YUMMY and you should really make them, the outcome of my kitchen and sink area (there was back-up from the previous day) caused me to want to cry for the rest of the night. In fact, my hands are still dry from having to hand wash all of the big bowls and pans.

Have I mentioned that I am a neat and clean person?


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    • Thankfully I am not vegan either. I live in the Midwest, I think I’d cry without my meat and potatoes! I really wanted to try these because I have a love for avocados and my sister saw that key word and sent it my way. I’ve actually never tried tofu before, but my sister says it’s yuck and she likes almost everything. But you should make them after your daughters Halloween candy somehow disappears; they are better for you than regular cupcakes (avocado=less “bad” fat and good fat.instead!).

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