I Giggle When He Is Sick

So the Fiancé is sick, and I feel guilty saying this, but I often smile or giggle when I think about it. Why? O, I’ll tell you why. Fiancé is the type of person that always says, “I never get sick.”

I, unfortunately, am the type of person that gets sick at least once a year, and that’s not including my once a winter sinus infection.

When he gets sick of course I take care of him and will buy him medicine. But, by golly, my brain is constantly saying, “karma’s a bitch.”


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  1. Brett never gets sick…. except about once a year when he has had a lack of sleep. So lo and behold a couple of weeks ago, he gets sick. Want to know the kicker of it? When he was the most congested with a never-ending running nose he tried to seduce me.


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