Karma Is a Bitch

So remember how I was super proud of myself for not being dead and managing to not get sick?

Just kidding.

I should have known my time was limited. Symptoms of a “heavy chest” showed up on Friday night and I was a little worried. Then the cough started on Saturday. By Sunday, it was a full on, “OMG noooo. I’m sick.” And then today, I woke up feeling AWFUL.

In fact, I hadn’t felt as bad as I did this morning in a long time.

Thankfully, I called into the school yesterday and told them I was not available to substitute teach today or tomorrow. I can only hope that my bronchitis, that I online self diagnosed, is somewhat better by Wednesday.

Until then, Fiancé suggested I watch a lot of Lifetime. That is an offer I cannot refuse.


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  1. oh no! is this what I have too?? I was perfectly fine, other than being really tired. then saturday i started getting a “tickle” in my throat and by the end of the day I was hacking up a lung, among other things. My chest feels tight and heavy – just like you described!!! noooooo

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