Hola, my name’s Beth and thanks for visiting my blog! I am a 20-something female who is going through the many transitions that it takes to become a “big kid.” I recently graduated with my Masters in Education, became a first time aunt, and moved to a new city to live with my fiancé. Between trying to find a job, unpacking all of my stuff, and figuring out this place called Cleveland, I still find myself shaking my head and wondering who this man is that I’ve been with for the past 7 years. This is my story of moving to a new city, trying to find a job, and more importantly, trying to figure out how to live with the man of my dreams.

*Insert disclaimer here* In no way, shape or form am I trying to give advice on how to cohabitate. Nor am I trying to say what myself, my fiance, or what anyone else does it right/wrong/perfect. This is just a blog to share my experiences. That’d be all.

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