I Think I Am Dying

…my poor unborn child.

As I type this I feel like I need to take some advice from Spidi, and that is the only time I will ever say that in my entire life.

I feel like I need to be quarantined, of which I first spelled like corinteaned, after what I have been exposed to.

I know I said that Fiancé is sick , but honestly, it’s getting worse. Today I found out that his sister and father both have bronchitis.

I REFUSE to let him, or myself, be next.

Except, I think it’s too late for him based on his coughing. And, to be honest, I’m surprised death hasn’t already knocked on my door. Maybe it’s that Flu shot that I got last week.

So, I sit here watching The Sing-Off and have half of my sweatshirt covering my nose and mouth. I will not be a victim.


I’m Having a Baby!

Sometimes I feel like I am the only person out there with my type of blog. It really doesn’t help that almost all of the blogs that I read are mommy blogs, so even if they do share something about their significant other, that I can relate too, I don’t fully fit in with them.

A blog that I read, Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva is currently #3 on Top Mommy Blogs and I found a category there that I could sort of relate to, marriage. Only here comes that same issue, I am not a mommy!

I talked to gwen about wishing I could be listed on that website and she suggested I tell Fiancé that I want a baby so I can properly advertise my blog. I’m sure he would love that idea.

He would love that idea almost as much as my Catholic priest, of which I am calling this week so that Fiancé and I can get married in 7 months.

I Giggle When He Is Sick

So the Fiancé is sick, and I feel guilty saying this, but I often smile or giggle when I think about it. Why? O, I’ll tell you why. Fiancé is the type of person that always says, “I never get sick.”

I, unfortunately, am the type of person that gets sick at least once a year, and that’s not including my once a winter sinus infection.

When he gets sick of course I take care of him and will buy him medicine. But, by golly, my brain is constantly saying, “karma’s a bitch.”

How I Will Become a Millionaire

When I first moved in with Fiancé I found that he likes to leave things just sitting where they are when he is done with them. He also empties the contents of his pockets when he first walks in. Sometimes he will place them on the fireplace mantel, the table right inside of the entryway, or even the floor next to him on the couch. This then causes me to find little presents just sitting around.

One of these items is change. I think you know where I am going with this.

In the beginning I would just yell at him to clean his mess up and pick up the change that was scattered about the living room floor, mantle, entryway, etc. But, eventually I got sick of it. I told him, “If I ever see change sitting out and not put away in your bowl (he has a bowl that he puts his change in) then it is mine.”

I honestly think that he thought I was joking. He should really know better by now.

I knew this plan would only work if I told him how much change I found and deemed it mine, or if I did it in front of him. The first time it happened I told him when he got home from lab.

“I found $1.50 in change today! I put it in my panda bank.”

I think he thought I was joking, again.

So, the next time I waited until he was there. I found about three different dimes on the floor and picked them up while he was sitting in front of me.

“O look, 30 cents! I’m rich!!”

“What?! That’s my money,” he replied.

“Uh, no, it’s not. I told you that if I ever find your change sitting around then it was mine.”

“That’s not fair! It’s MY money.”

“Nope, not anymore. It belongs to my panda bank now. But don’t worry too much, in June it will be /our/ money. I am just keeping it safe for you.”

I then walked into our bedroom and proceeded to drop the change into my awesome panda bank.


Sadly, he started to actually learn from the lesson I was trying to teach him, and has been leaving less change out in the open. But who knows, maybe he’ll forget again and I’ll be rich!

(Disclaimer: I only take the cents, not the dollar bills. I’d feel guilty if I took the dollar bills).

Liebster Blog Award

I feel so special and very, very loved by my dear friend, gwen. Today, while reading her blog I found out she was awarded the Liebster Blog Award by a fellow blogger, Emma from Craving Fresh. The blog award is meant for those who have less than 200 followers, and to say, “Hey, this person has a good thing going.”

To steal, I mean quote, from gwen, “‘Liebster’ is a German word meaning dear, sweet, kind, nice, good, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.” And there are a few rules that go with it, when you receive this award.

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.
5. And most of all – have fun!

And while feeling super happy for gwen, I read her blog and found out that she nominated me for one. She is such a lovely friend, and I am so thankful for the award. I love that she is my blogging buddy and you all should really go pelt her blog with loving comments.

And now, for my top 5 picks:

1. From The Mudroom: A mommy blog, because I love mommy blogs, about her family dynamics and the hilarity that always comes from having children. Sometimes her posts are hilarious, heartwarming, her giving advice, or all three wrapped into one. She definitely keeps me coming back for more.

2. Ermilia: A coauthored blog, by Ermisenda and Eliabeth. Their blog is an insightful look into their thoughts, writing, book reviews, and charities. And their blogs about their lives always give me a good chuckle.

And then this is where I ran into a problem. All of the blogs that I read have a lot of readers, more than 200 in fact. So, this is going to be a goal of mine during NaBloPoMo, to find 3 more awesome blogs to network and connect with. So, look forward to the three Liebster Blog Awards to come!

Baking With Beth

I was going to write this yesterday, but gwen had to go and be all awesome on me. So instead, you get this post today.

My sister e-mailed me a link about a month ago for Vegan Chocolate-Avacado cupcakes. I’ve wanted to make these ever since she sent it to me but, I either always forgot or didn’t have time. Well, the time finally came two days ago when I decided that I was going to make these suckers. Regardless of the yummy outcome, the beginning was basically shouting at me to not make them. The way that it started, I expected to fail in every way possible.

So here we go, an amateur cook’s adventure in baking. Hopefully the pictures assist in the explanation.

I always start off collecting almost all of my ingredients, so that I am not running around trying to find what I need. Issue #1: “WHERE ARE MY CUPCAKE PANS?!?!” I think I shouted this to Fiancé about 10 times within 5 minutes. I LITERALLY looked EVERYWHERE, and still I never found them. Every cabinet, every box that is still unpacked, and even the empty boxes that I have not broken down yet. I have two, one that holds 12 and another that holds 6. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper because I was forced to use this:


It’s Fiancé’s rubbery cupcake pan. I strongly dislike it.


Once I got over that hiccup, I moved to the next step. All of the dry ingredients into one bowl and whisk. Easy.


O look, all blended evenly and looking pretty!

And then this is where life hated me again. The recipe calls for you to put an avocado in a food processor, but sadly I do not have one yet. This is something I am holding out for, for the wedding registry. So, I had to hand mash this sucker.


First I tried the back of a spoon. All that did was cause the avocado to slide around.


I was forced to then use a fork. Not even the 28-day boot camp, that I have been doing, has given my arm this good of a workout! I then used the back of a spoon again to attempt and make it all even. Which sort of worked.


And then I had to add the cup of maple syrup and I wanted to vomit. It looked disgusting and this picture does not do it justice.


After adding all of the wet ingredients I was super close to actually vomiting. The smell of the vanilla extract and the appearance of it all was the WORST!


Thankfully, this didn’t last long because it called for me to pour the wet ingredients in with the dry. In my left hand, I slowed poured the wet ingredients into the center of the dry ingredients bowl. In my right hand, I whisked the two together, gradually bringing more of the dry ingredients into the mix. At this point it started to smell awesome and I wanted to eat it. The nice part is, it is safe for you (or child/significant other) to dip your finger into the mix because there is no raw egg!


I sadly poured the mix into the cupcake pan, that only held half of the mix (and therefore meant I had to do this again), and put it into the oven.


Out came the first 6 cupcakes. Some had some white spots on them, I can only assume it was exposed avocado? I really have no idea.


I have a confession to make. I didn’t make the yucky tofu icing, I used store bought. I then proceeded to laugh at the exactness of “stir 20 times” and rebelled, as I stirred it 21 times. That alone probably ruined my cupcakes.


I guess I just hadn’t frosted anything in awhile, because this was way more difficult than it should have been. It seemed to take forever and the saying “practice makes perfect” is a lie, because I do believe they got worse as I went. But, using my start photography skills the worst ones are in the back and the bad sides are turned away from my cell phone camera.

I also have another confession. If you are a vegan then please do not come eat my cupcakes. I didn’t have soy milk so I just used my 2% cows milk. Oops?

As much as I can say they are YUMMY and you should really make them, the outcome of my kitchen and sink area (there was back-up from the previous day) caused me to want to cry for the rest of the night. In fact, my hands are still dry from having to hand wash all of the big bowls and pans.

Have I mentioned that I am a neat and clean person?

I Don’t Understand the Male Brain

It seems that every time I crawl into bed, post Fiancé, I find myself a gift on either my pillow or right below it. And, of course, the only way that I find this gift is by whacking either my head or shoulder on it. What is it, you might ask?

The remote to the television, duh.

Some might say, “Why on Earth would he put the remote there?” But, this is a question I have been asking myself and my Fiancé since I have moved in. Especially once you see this lovely picture/diagram that I took/made for you. (Click it to enlarge).

You see that star? That is his side of the bed. I have placed the remote in one of his prime locations, on top of my pillows.

Notice the giant, annoying, hot pink rectangles? Look what is inside of those rectangles.

IT IS HIS NIGHTSTAND! Now, can some sane person please explain to me why Fiancé continues to place the remote control on my pillow, or just under it, when I have asked him multiple times to PUT IT ON HIS NIGHTSTAND?

No, seriously, I would love a valid explanation.