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We Don’t Have Dates Anymore

At least, that’s what I said to the Fiancé last week. We had just hung out with a girl from his lab and her boyfriend. We went out to get some dinner before seeing the Cleveland Orchestra (one of the best in the entire WORLD) and Fiancé had mentioned it was a double date. But, reader, what you do not know is that I strongly dislike the phrase “double date” and he only called it that to get a reaction out of me. Boys.

I replied to him with my usual, “Ugh! It is not a double date, we are just hanging out with them and going somewhere.” I then added, “Plus, we don’t go on dates anymore. We just do things together.”

You see, to me, after dating for 7 years the idea of going on a date with my Fiancé seems strange. How can it officially be a date if we have been together for so long? How can something be “date night” if we are just doing something? We don’t have kids, so we always just do our activities together.

This then got me thinking the past few days. Maybe not having a date night, where we can just focus on each other, is a problem. Perhaps we need to officially call it that so we focus more attention on each other and aren’t distracted by other things, like our cell phones.

Yesterday I decided something. We were having date night! Because of my 28-day boot camp, I have to do at least 30 minutes of cardio, 5 days a week. I asked Fiancé if he wanted to go on a walk with me around the neighborhood and then get dinner at the yummy Chinese food restaurant by us. He said yes and I went and started to get ready before he got home. I decided if we were having a date night, then I should look nice!

The date night was really nice but I realized something. Next time, I need to actually tell him that it is date night, because he had invited the previously mentioned friends to go out to eat with us. And of course, it was without asking me.

Thankfully, they couldn’t come out to eat. Here is to more date nights!