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Hi again.

I am a horrible person, I get it. I realize I am neglecting my blog in a horrible way 😦 Hopefully, everyone can forgive me and will still continue to read my blog.

In order to make up for my lack of activity I present to you one of Fiancé and I’s amusing conversations via text, during the day.

Back story: This conversation was had yesterday, when I did not have to substitute teach.

Me: In other news, I ripped part of my jeans on the inside thigh area. I knew it would happen soon enough, they are so worn down.

*Over an half later*

Me: Glad you care about my pants.

Fiance: I’m sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you in this difficult time. Ripping pants so near the holidays is always so sad.

I would tell you that I replied saying, “Lol you’re awesome. But it is sad! I loved these jeans, so comfy.” But, I feel like Fiancé’s comment is a nice way to end.

As a side note, I feel the need to defend how I ripped my jeans. They were super worn in, on the inside thigh, and I was sitting on the couch Indian style (I’m glad we are raised to call that sitting position something that is offensive) and stretched my leg out. And then rip.

I still went to the grocery store with a semi-hole in my jeans.



My cousin’s wedding was beautiful, and it was great to spend time with my family. It was adorable to see the way Fiancé would smile and be cute with my nephew (it was the first time he got to meet the nephew). It was a VERY long trip there, with traffic and having to stop for the baby every few hours.

I am a sleeper in cars. I always have been, and I probably always will be. I used to get really car sick when we would drive through mountains, but this time I only felt slightly nauseous. So I took some Dramamine so I wouldn’t actually get sick, and it knocks me out. Because that is what I do. I sleep.

I shared the backseat of the van with the Fiancé, so we were in close quarters for hours on end. Especially when all you would like to do is sleep.

Want some suggestions on how to wake me? Try what the Fiancé did:

1. Stick part of your finger in my mouth, which is hanging open. (Ya, I sleep with my mouth open….deal).

2. Putting part of a goldfish in my mouth.

3. Yelling at me to get up even though I am in a drug induced naptime coma…aka Dramamine.

4. Blow your stinky sleeping breath on me.

5. Blow bubbles on me.

But having to be stuck in a backseat also caused me to appreciate, even more, how much I love him and the things he does for me. Like letting me turn and stretch my legs out on top of his lap, him rubbing my feet (which I LOVE to have done), and him moving my head back onto the headrest when it falls off to the side during my said drug induced nap comas.

I think I can deal with all of the goldfish.

At Least He Makes Me Laugh

My friend also started a blog and I’ve deemed her my blogging buddy. Go read nows! www.nowandgwen.com Don’t be afraid to subscribe to her blog or mine!

So I spent the majority of Sunday painting with Fiancé. It really started to feel like it was never going to end (but it thankfully has) and I started to get a little on the short tempered side. In my defense, the painting started a month ago.

Needless to say, I often believe Fiancé enjoys pushing my buttons sometimes because he wants attention like a 5 year old. I may or may not do the same thing.

Don’t judge us. We’re strange people, as you are really about to find out.

Naturally we started to bicker. About what, I have absolutely no idea. So basically it was the most important thing ever. But, it somehow ended with me saying something like, “I don’t laugh at your jokes anymore” and he replied with a, “You sometimes do.”

Now don’t get me wrong, Fiancé is a funny, funny man. That is something that I absolutely love about him. Even when I am mad at him I often have to suppress the laughter. And this is becoming even harder now that he is actually physically in front of me all of the time (I was at OSU last year when he moved up here last year).

And yet again, there went another moment of foreshadowing. If only I had the book on my life to prepare myself.

We continued on for awhile, maybe at least 10-20 minutes when I started to say something and looked up at him.

And then I saw it. Midsentence.

I stopped talking and literally just stared, with my mouth open like “uhh….what?!” And then I finally found my voice. “What. The. Hell…”

And then it starts. The crazy, “OMG take me to a psych ward, I am about to lose it, I am going to marry a crazy person, HELP ME” laugh. At this point Fiancé just loses it and starts to laugh, “See! I can still make you laugh!!”

Folks, Fiancé had taken the yellow paint we were using and placed a dot on each of his man nipples. Who does that?

Apparently he does.

And then I took my paint brush and painted a small stroke on his chest.

Yeah, I have a feeling we will be just fine in this thing called marriage.

P.S. I am going to Maryland for the weekend for my cousins wedding. We are driving the whole way there with my parents, Fiancé, my sister, and her 7 week old son. I’m sure I’ll be back with some awesome stories-since the usual trip will take much longer because of my nephew. Be back on Tuesday.