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No NaBloPoMo For You

Well, it’s official and it sure didn’t last long. 9 days, to be exact. I am officially stopping NaBloPoMo.

Yeah, I know, I sure can’t cut it. But, I do believe there are reasons behind me backing away from it. Although, I do plan on trying to post more often, I refuse to pressure myself to do it everyday.

You see, the main reason is that when I substitute teach I come home EXHAUSTED. I know, you really wouldn’t think that teaching all day would be a tiring job, but it is so mentally straining and can be rather physically straining too. So, the last thing I really want to do when I get home is write a blog post. It would be a lot easier if I was on a constant schedule, but I’m not. I often don’t know when I will work until late, the evening before.

Also, I almost feel like I am wasting good content by just throwing it out there everyday. Plus, I feel like my posts are not the best quality. Especially looking back at my past few, they are just so dramatic. Although I do have to own up to the fact that I am kind of a dramatic person.

But don’t tell Fiance.


My Body Hates Me

Why is it when you really need to go to sleep, your body is like, “No thank you, body. I’d rather hate my life tomorrow!” Silly body, why do you do these things to me? Why can’t you be more like Fiancé, who can fall asleep at the drop of a hat?

It started off with me getting a phone call at 9:17 p.m. to substitute teach tomorrow for a 6th grade social studies class. Of course I accepted; it’s money!! But, I also thought in my brain, “OMG yuck! I strongly dislike social studies and it is by far my least qualified subject area.”

And then my next thought came out, “How the Hell am I going to fall asleep tonight?” The previous night I had one generous glass of wine and was ready to pass out after that. So, of course, I figured, “O, I’ll just have another glass tonight and be able to pass out.”


Here I am, going to bed at 11:30 p.m., pleased that I am about to pass out and get a lot of sleep. Heck, I will even be able to wake up early and actually do my hair for once.

I lay in bed and checked my phone, 12:00 a.m.


I continued to lie in bed and checked my phone again, 12:30 a.m.

Double shit.

At this point I texted the Fiancé and complained that I couldn’t fall asleep. He tells me to try some warm milk, I reply that I had brushed my teeth! He says sleepy time tea, I say no. He then told me to, “just try and close your eyes.”

Ha! That is easier than it seems. I attempted to then “meditate”, AKA simply focus on my breathing. I must have eventually fallen asleep, and I think I even had a conversation with Fiancé when he came in for bed. What I said, I have no clue.

I woke up in total fear. Turns out, I then had a dream that I woke up at 1 p.m. and didn’t show up for my subbing job. Which, if I actually did that, would mean I was fired. Dislike.

I checked my phone and then realized it was 3:30 a.m.

And then I woke up at 4:30 a.m.

My alarm finally awoke me at 5:30 a.m. so that I could go get ready.

And here we are, 10:13 a.m. during one of the planning periods and I am writing this to post later on. So far I am not going to pass out, but give me till about 1:30 p.m., when I will have taught the same thing twice already and about to go for a third go around.

And, $20 says that when I get home tonight I am going to pass the eff out, only wake up to cook dinner and eat, and then not be able to fall asleep again tonight.

Stupid naps. Stupid body.

Friendless in Cleveland

Fiancé has three groups of friends that he has made here. Now, don’t forget these are all people that go to Grad school will him and are working on getting their Ph.D. in something involving the biological sciences.

Group 1: All guys. One of the guys reminds me of John Lennon, the other I have only hung out with once so I can’t say much about him, and the last one I am not a big fan of. The only way I can really describe the last friend is that he is weird and just seems awkward. Typically this is his go to, let’s go have dinner group. But I think me moving in has kind of hindered that.

Group 2: This is the diversity group. Everyone in this group is Asian except for a guy who is Latino. Fiancé is closest with one of the girls in this group, but doesn’t hang out with them on a regular basis. They are a very close group and always hang out with each other. It is not uncommon for me to feel a little excluded when I hang out with them and they are always late, and I HATE that. They aren’t ever just a few minutes late, which I can understand. But somewhere between 15-30 minutes late.

Group 3: This is his group of friends that I would say he is the closest with. He sees them everyday because they are the people in his lab and who he works with. He got really lucky that everyone is basically the same age or not much older, except for the guy who runs his lab. Who is also fairly young.

I have hung out with group 1 and 2 together a few times, and separate as well. But, I have only hung out with group 3 once, and that was at an awkward Christmas party. Yay.

On Monday night Fiancé gets a text asking if we wanted to go to dinner with group one. Naturally I rolled my eyes and said, “Fine, we can go.” But I wasn’t very happy about it because I knew the one guy would be there.

As the dinner was going on I started to feel a little bad that I disliked the one guy so much (unknowingly to him), as he wasn’t growing on me but starting to seem less awkward. Maybe he just has a hard time meeting new people? Who knows, but he still is a little weird.

And then he had to open his mouth and ask me a question.

“So, have you made any friends around here?”

What the hell am I supposed to say to that?

Why yes, I’ve made loads of friends! I enjoy kicking back a few cocktails with the old Jewish ladies that I run into at the grocery store (there is a high Jewish population where I get groceries). My good friends the paintbrush, dishwasher, and television and I have massive ragers together. Although, I haven’t seen Miss Paintbrush in a few weeks. But instead, I replied with the awkward, “Nooo. I’ve been working on the condo, soo yeahhhhhhh.”
I mean honestly. He knows I don’t have a job and I am not in school. What did he expect me to say? Way to make me feel AWESOME about myself. At least I got those two subbing jobs!

Well, I guess I should wrap this up. I have a hot date with some poster board and a black marker. I’m thinking, “Engaged White Female. 23. Looking for some friends. Call for a good time *insert phone number here*”

It might look good in the front yard.

He Makes Breakfast!

I originally had 2 substitute teaching job interviews on Thursday. But, alas, the first one (the phone one) got moved back to Monday. The one in the afternoon went really well and it went how I thought it would. Basically since I’m not a crazy person, it will just take a week to get my information processed and I should be getting an e-mail letting me know that I got the job.


Fiance was really sweet that entire morning. He woke me up with the lovely news that he had made me breakfast and it was waiting for me in the kitchen.

Of course this made me happy. I am NOT a morning person (wrong career path, much? I think so!). And he used to make me breakfast all of the time when I would stay over in college (I was never one to live at his place 24/7. I figured we had the rest of our lives to live together).

So I forced myself out of the comforts of our warm bed and sauntered into the kitchen to find this on the counter:

He had made muffins, his go to and easy breakfast. That are also very yummy. But this smiley face cuteness was a first. I will admit, it did help start my day off nice and with a smile.

Now only to train him to know to make me a cup of coffee with it…. 😉