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Hi again.

I am a horrible person, I get it. I realize I am neglecting my blog in a horrible way 😦 Hopefully, everyone can forgive me and will still continue to read my blog.

In order to make up for my lack of activity I present to you one of Fiancé and I’s amusing conversations via text, during the day.

Back story: This conversation was had yesterday, when I did not have to substitute teach.

Me: In other news, I ripped part of my jeans on the inside thigh area. I knew it would happen soon enough, they are so worn down.

*Over an half later*

Me: Glad you care about my pants.

Fiance: I’m sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you in this difficult time. Ripping pants so near the holidays is always so sad.

I would tell you that I replied saying, “Lol you’re awesome. But it is sad! I loved these jeans, so comfy.” But, I feel like Fiancé’s comment is a nice way to end.

As a side note, I feel the need to defend how I ripped my jeans. They were super worn in, on the inside thigh, and I was sitting on the couch Indian style (I’m glad we are raised to call that sitting position something that is offensive) and stretched my leg out. And then rip.

I still went to the grocery store with a semi-hole in my jeans.


“How Did That Get In There?”

I can’t make up my mind on if the benefits of going grocery shopping, with the Fiancé, outweigh the cons. This is the second time that I have gone with him to the grocery store, but this week we went to our usual Giant Eagle instead of trying out a local place, like we did last week.

Normally, I enjoy going grocery shopping by myself. Maybe it was all of the times that I would go with my family and it would take forever that made me this way. Or, maybe it was the fact that every time my dad would be with me he would ask if I wanted this, that, or the other thing every five minutes. But my goal when I walk into a grocery store is to get out as quickly as possible. Get what I need, check out, go home. I do not like to linger. I suppose this is the main reason why I like to grocery shop alone, because having someone else with me forces me to have to slow down and consider what the other person wants too.

Then, I think about the fact that I am a lazy bum and have been home by myself, during the day, for awhile now. Going grocery shopping with Fiancé allows us to spend time together outside of the condo and it also forces me to actually go grocery shopping.

I think it comes down to what ended up happening today. Fiancé is giving me practice on how to go grocery shopping with a child. When we first went to Target we were in the check-out line. I saw his head turn to the candies at the check-out and I instantly knew he was questioning if he wanted a candy bar, and if so, which one. Without missing a beat I simply said, “No.” I know they overprice those items at the check-out and more so at Target than at Giant Eagle. I also didn’t want to pay half for his overpriced candy bar. But, I felt bad when he turned around and did a sad face so I told him he could get stuff at Giant Eagle that would be more cost effective.

And then came the check-out at Giant Eagle. While we were shopping I saw that he had grabbed a bag of goldfish and two, yes two, bags of candy. But, when he was unloading the cart I realized how much practice he really was giving me. Somehow Fiancé had managed to sneak a loaf of fancy sourdough bread and two different boxes of muffin mix into the cart. How did he do this?! I don’t even remember going down the aisle with the muffins in them. I also got a few other items that I normally would not buy, simply because he was with me and would either point items out or I would agree to what he wanted. This probably resulted in us spending about $20 more, and that is with me saying no to a few things.

When I asked him about how he managed to sneak items into the cart and have me not see them the entire time, he just replied with, “I’m pro. I’ve had practice.” I am glad that I want to wait awhile to have kids.